Link to Poems

Find below a link to a few of his poems:

Porandha Naata Nenachi Paarthu: Kothamangalam Subbu’s immensely popular poem written to welcome Indian soldiers after World War II. As a publicity measure, SS Vaasan had arranged for several copies of the poem to be printed, to be given to our jawans as they returned home.

Engineer-. In the poem, Subbu appeals to young engineers to indigenously create products that will reduce a women’s domestic work burden. All the products suggested, from Mixers to Washing Machines, are common place in our kitchens today, showing Kothamangalam Subbu’s clairvoyance.

Bharathiyaar Paatu: A preface to a published work of Kothamangalam Subbu chronicling Tamil’s firebrand writer Subramaniya Bharati. The book, titled Bharathiyaar Paatu, is still available in print.

Nadaswara vidwan Rajarathnam Pillai: A poem written by Subbu on listening to a radio broadcast of a concert by famous Nadaswara Vidwan Rajarathnam Pillai, who is said to have inspired the character of Sikkal Shanmuga Sundaram in Thillana Mohanambal.

Mariyaathaa: This is Kothamangalam Subbu’s first poem, written for the magazine Hanuman in 1932. Subbu refers to the magazine’s editor Sangu Subramaniam as his inspiration for writing poems.

These poems can be used after obtaining permission through email to Other poems can be made available on request.